You can make an interesting path, driveway or patio by using a technique called Stamped Concrete. The form for the path is made, then the concrete is poured, color and texture is added for a.This versatility expands anyone’s design options for that pool deck, patio or walkway. Why not use brick. which often must be shipped over long distances. decorative concrete is more expensive than.Stamped Concrete Walkway Design A walkway is more than just a way of getting to where you want to go – a beautiful walkway or sidewalk can transform the curb appeal of your home and even act as a point of artistic expression through decorative concrete options.It was a poor design 25 years ago, so when we redid our sidewalks for the sake of cost effectiveness we just did stamped concrete on the majority of the sidewalk." Anderson did point out that 25 years.An easy, inexpensive alternative to brick or natural stone paths is to make a concrete walkway using a manufactured form. Expert advice from Bob Vila, the most trusted name in home improvement.Stamped Concrete. Stamping concrete will transform a standard slab of concrete to look like natural stone or pavers. This curved concrete walkway is stamped and stained which emphasizes the stone veneer throughout the faade. The warm brown tone of the stain is an ideal fit with the color pallet of the homes hardscape.Concrete Walkways and Sidewalks concrete walkway pictures decorative options for a New Concrete Decorative Finishes for Existing Walkways Fix and Color Existing Concrete Walkways Sidewalk Repair – resurfacing concrete walkways design ideas for Concrete walkways 10 ideas for Concrete Entryways Stairs and steps concrete garden BridgesStamped Concrete Patio slabs and concrete walkway design ideas for Los Angeles homeowners. Schedule a free estimate for backyard concrete stamping and staining for your home. Let us build you a custom patio area, walkway, or driveway today.A decorative piece of concrete molding fell from the top of a six story landmarked building on East 17th Street during the peak evening commute last night, crashing to the sidewalk below. Luckily no.Home improvement expert Bob Vila suggests a number of walkways that fit many kinds of designs, including stepping stones, brick, stamped concrete, mulch, wood slices or pallet wood. This year, while.